I am a firm beliver in creativity as an unseen and constant force. A presence, interlocked and entwined in all that we do day in and day out. I look at it as I would a magnetic field, the wind or water, flowing through and around all things at all times. And, like a river or lake being higher or lower in concentration depending on location and enviroment. I have tried to live my life on the banks of the Nile or the shore of lake superior in this respect. I have tried to leave myself open to this flow of creative energy, and I have tried to capture the flow of this energy in my designs, keeping them close to my idea of how this energy would look if you could see it. The smooth turns and twist, the pleasing roundness of it all. My hope is that you will let yourself feel the presence of this energy, and actually draw from it using my designs as conduits to this wonderfully endless pool of creativeness, this unending source of peace and compeller of focus.  Life is a great and grand thing, but in the grand scheme of things, very short and sometimes caotic to the point of distraction, so whenever you can please, try to enjoy what I think is it's greatest gift, creativity.